Fume cupboard servicing

PN Engineering ApS offers its customers to sign a service contract so that their fume cupboards are automatically measured and tested with the terms agreed in the contract.

An annual fume cupboard service:

  • Extends the product’s service life.
  • Ensures that the fume cupboard provides proper personal protection.
  • Places demands on safety requirements.

The requirements for fume cupboard safety are regulated by the EU and nationally by the Danish Working Environment Authority, which ensures that the requirements for health and safety at the workplace are complied with. 
DS 457 defines the requirements for fume cupboards, automatic ventilation and documentation.

Fume cupboards should be serviced once a year to ensure all functions work correctly, mechanical parts such as wire, fall protection and safety are checked and that the necessary ventilation is present for the fume cupboard to be safe to work in. A service inspection includes checking all the safety features of the fume cupboard.

It is recommended that fume cupboards are inspected once a year, regardless of age. A fume cupboard service inspection includes an onsite test/trace gas measurement at no extra cost. This inspection also covers the technical and functional parts of the fume cupboard so that sudden and inappropriate downtime or safety hazards do not occur. In addition, ongoing maintenance extends the product’s service life, so it will always pay to have your workplace inspected regularly.

PN Engineering has qualified service personnel who can service and check all types of fume cupboards across the market’s recognised brands.

If the unchanged activity of the fume cupboard cannot be documented in any other way, the check must at least consist of a smoke sample and air velocity measurements. If these measurements deviate more than 10% from previously measured values, a trace gas measurement is taken. In the event of a significant change in the use of the fume cupboard, it is also supplemented with a trace gas measurement.

Professional service technicians usually perform the service.

DS 457

The old fume cupboard standard was replaced in 2007 by the new fume cupboard standard DS/EN 14175. The standard included, among other things, a good and reliable test method for the efficiency of fume cupboards based on testing with trace gas and the presence of persons working in front of the fume cupboard. As described in section 2.1, this test method is still used to check fume cupboards.